Wray Morrison: Hockey's code of violence

January 9, 2017 - 8:43am

My facetious side comes to the forefront again today, as I am still pursuit of a hard copy of hockey's code.
Winnipeg Jets star Patrick Laine is out with a concussion after taking what most are saying was a clean hit from Buffalo's Jake McCabe on Saturday.
Winnipeg's Mark Scheifele then did something right after the hit that we see time and time again. Sheifele dropped his gloves and went right after McCabe.
Scheifele was given a two-minute penalty for his actions.
I ask again: why is that the expected response after a clean hit? I've heard a number of general managers say that they don't want to take physicality out of the game. Yet players are attacked when hits are made within the rules.
It's time to either put players who can't be hit in different coloured helmets or jerseys, or suspend players and fine teams that resort to violence after a player makes a body check that is within the rules of the game.