Jamie Nye: Victims in NHL should get more power

February 17, 2017 - 8:07am

I saw something quite poignant on Twitter. I know, it's rare to find anything of substance on Twitter most days, but it was regarding Gustav Nyquist's six-game suspension for spearing Jared Spurgeon in the face.

Ken Holland, general manager of the Red Wings, says they will not appeal but someone asked the question, why doesn't Spurgeon?

Yeah, why not!

Where is the NHLPA standing up for victims in the National Hockey League? They'll be the first to rattle the cage on goalie equipment asking if the league really cares about play safety.

Or the concussion debate. Player safety is supposed to be at the top of the NHLPA's agenda but when a player gets suspended for injuring another, the victim is the last person the PA seems to care about.

The NHL should allow the victim to appeal suspensions asking for more, rather than it always being the offender the option of less.

Many are left shaking their heads at the leniency of the Player Safety Department so here's the NHLPA to ask more for their victims, rather than the offenders in the union.