Jamie Nye: NHL can learn so much from CFL mistake

March 15, 2017 - 7:29am

The NHL shouldn't make the same mistake the CFL did when the Ottawa Redblacks entered the league.

The CFL traditionally likes to keep things secret like contract lengths, negotiation lists and other details that could engage the fan base.

They did that again with the Redblacks expansion draft as there was no way to know who was eligible to be selected by Ottawa. So it was a surprise to everyone in Saskatchewan when defensive tackle Keith Shologan ended up being selected. Many assumed he would be protected.

Now what kind of chatter could have happened if fans had a day or so to chew on which players Ottawa should pick, which players their own teams should have protected? The interest in that draft would have been much greater.

Well, now the NHL is debating this same issue — to make the protected list for the Vegas Golden Knights public or keep them private.

Fans love playing armchair general manager and this is the ultimate opportunity for them to do just that.

Television and radio shows, editorials in newspapers, bloggers, and podcasts would be full of speculation and debate if these lists are made public.

This decision should be easy, which is why it was so hard to understand how the CFL missed a golden opportunity.