Darrell Davis: This suit could get expensive

April 21, 2017 - 6:06am

Dennis Wideman and the Calgary Flames should be very worried.

They're being sued for $10.25 million.

Former NHL linesman Don Henderson has filed the civil suit. Henderson hasn't worked since he was innocently skating backwards and maliciously hit by Wideman during an NHL game in January, 2016 between his Flames and Nashville.

Henderson listed numerous injuries, starting with his neck, plus psychological issues that were caused by the hit.

The NHL suspended Wideman for 20 games, but an arbitrator cut that in half. Wideman apparently suffered a concussion seconds before hitting the official.

Officials are never supposed to be touched by a player, so despite the concussion it's going to be a difficult legal challenge proving Wideman and the Flames aren't responsible for ending Henderson's career.