Wray Morrison: A Pat on the back

May 15, 2017 - 11:44am

Congratulations to Anthony Marquart and the five=person ownership group of Queen City Sports and Entertainment.

In just a little over three years, this Regina-based group has led the Regina Pats to some impressive accomplishments.

There was the on-ice feat of 52 regular season wins, which was a franchise record.

Regina also went 14-and-9 in the playoffs before losing out to Seattle in Game 6  of the Ed Chynoweth Cup on Sunday night.

I realize that winning can be the best form of marketing, but off the ice, these local owners have invested in a solid business staff and engaged the community like never before.

In return, the fans showed their appreciation with a level of support that this franchise hasn't seen in some time. It was a regular occurrence to see over 6,400 fans a the Brandt Centre for playoff games.

There is every reason to believe that this relationship between local ownership, local team and local fans can be solid for many years to come.