Jamie Nye: Mark Cuban's honesty is bad for basketball

May 18, 2017 - 7:52am

We all know it happens.


A team trying to lose to ensure better odds in the draft lottery.

But one should never admit to it publicly as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban did on Tuesday.

Cuban said they did everything they could to lose and try to make sure they had the best pick possible in the NBA Draft.

If that isn't a reason to fine an owner a considerable amount of money, I don't know what is.

Cuban openly admitting to tanking is telling all fans that Dallas Maverick games were a sham before they even started. He admitted that buying a ticket to a Mavs game was a complete waste of time because they didn't want to win.

The NBA can't give the message to their fans a team was trying to lose.

Sadly it worked, as they fell to the ninth best record but moved up to sixth in the draft.

Or maybe it's not a fine for the league but take away their first round pick they coveted.

There has to be some penalty for an owner telling fans the final seven games of the Mavericks season was a sham.