Jamie Nye: On paper, the Riders are not contenders

June 19, 2017 - 7:29am

We can now see what the 2017 Roughriders look like on paper.

When you line up their roster against those around the league, you'll quickly realize this is going to be another battle, if not struggle, to be one of the final six teams in the CFL playoffs.

It doesn't help the Riders that the top four teams in the league last year were their four Western counterparts. They'll have to leapfrog at least one, if not two, of those teams to make the postseason.

The Riders have positions on defense that will be filled by some first-year CFLers and that can be a hard learning curve, especially that they'll be doing so defending some talented receivers.

I'm trying hard to forget what we saw in the preseason finale because that can't be assessed as a true indicator of what the Riders are. They are better than that effort.

The Riders will be better than their five wins from last year.

But on paper, it looks like another season ending in early November, rather than late November, which is why Rider Nation should be happy the season isn't decided on paper.