Connecting car owners with new Regina-based app

April 15, 2016 - 4:51pm Updated: April 16, 2016 - 7:26am
Chimo App aims to connect drivers.
Screengrab from Chimo website.
Chimo App aims to connect drivers.

You see a car with its lights left on; a car alarm sounds and no one comes to turn it off; or a car is about to be towed if it is not moved. How do you contact the owner?

The answer is simple now with a new app from Regina called 'Chimo'. 

The founder and CEO is Saul Segall.  The idea came to him as he was out walking his dog – who happens to be named Chimo - when he spotted a car with its interior light left on.

"If I could just communicate with them somehow, and then boom I had this light bulb moment," he said.

That moment of inspiration eventually resulted in the Chimo app. You can download the app and register your licence plate number.  The app allows you to contact anyone else who has done the same, even though you know nothing more than their plate number.

Segall hopes the idea catches on. If more and more people sign up, then contacting drivers in a variety of situations will be possible, even easy.  

It may take a while for the idea to catch on - but the Chimo app has just launched and Segall is already getting inquiries from all over the world. People in China and Morocco, Kuwait, Los Angeles, and scattered throughout the United States have contacted him.

So what about harassment from someone who took offense to the way you drive? 

"I'd rather get a text than have someone cause any physical harm to someone else", he answered. 

You can also block someone else from contacting you if you wish.  The other person knows only your license plate number and no other details about you.

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