Jamie Nye: The NHL needs more, not less, John Scott stories

November 22, 2016 - 6:55am

The NHL just doesn't get it.

They've made a John Scott rule to avoid what I know they view as an embarrassment last season to see the five minute a game goon become the star of their prestigious — though meaningless — all-star game.

So, never again will a player voted in by the fans who gets sent to the minors be a captain for the all-star game.

Because the great stories being written and told about John Scott were so awful for the league. Oh, wait, no they weren't. People got to appreciate the five minute per game player and just how good they actually are.

There was John Scott winning the All-Star MVP award and is he as skilled as Crosby or as enigmatic as Ovechkin?


But he was the fan favourite and if the fans want it, give it to them.