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  • WEATHER ALERT: Severe thunderstorm watches & warnings in central, SE Sask. See map


Moose Jaw Drivers swerving for potholes not impaired!

Lately, police in Moose Jaw are getting more than a few calls about suspected drunk drivers who turn out to be not impaired at all they are swerving to avoid all the potholes.

"Speaking with the driver, we'll gain information from them that they were simply avoiding the potholes," said Sergeant Cliff Froehlich.

"(There's) a lot of swerving," said one man walking on Main Street. "You have to, unless you want to hit those potholes."

Email scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency

An email from scammers pretending to be the Canada Revenue Agency is making its way across the country.

The email scam asks for personal information like your social insurance number, credit card or bank account information and passport number. In return, the email states you will receive a cheque. In most cases, the promised amount is between $400 and $700.

Elected officials earn more in Saskatoon than Regina

City councillors and the mayor in Saskatoon earn more than the elected officials in Regina.

For what’s considered a part-time job, councillors in the Queen City earn $35,697 per year, while the same position in Saskatoon earns $53,867. Mayor Don Atchison earns $119,171 plus $27,000 in expenses while his counterpart in Regina, Mayor Michael Fougere earns $106,680.

Large storm system tracking eastward over much of Sask.

When Saskatchewan Storm Hunter Greg Johnson woke up Wednesday, he knew he would have to hit the road.

"You could feel that kind of warm, moist air," he said. "And it's blowing pretty good, you know, up into that 20-30 kilometre an hour range, and that's exactly what we'd expect on the morning of a severe thunderstorm."

Wednesday afternoon, Johnson was heading to the Swift Current area as severe thunderstorm watch alerts blanketed the southwest edge of the province.

Generations guard trees from chainsaws at Regina Beach

Four generations of people who live and grew up at Regina Beach are crowded around two landmark trees today trying to stop work crews from cutting them down.

The group was told the trees are being cut down because one child had recently fallen and broke a leg while playing on them.

Drivers frustrated with construction in downtown Regina

It almost seems that having to endure road construction while driving should be included along with death and taxes as the only certainties of life.

Drivers in Regina are no stranger to the frustration of summer construction season, especially in the downtown. It’s a headache we aren’t used to yet, and perhaps will never be.

This year is no exception. Smith Street and 11th Avenue is just one of several locations around the Queen City where construction crews are busily upgrading infrastructure.

Giggles for a gaggle in downtown goose march

It was a different kind of traffic jam in downtown Regina Tuesday afternoon when a group of seven geese waddled the wrong way down a one-way street.

The birds started near Saskatchewan Drive heading down McIntyre Street with pedestrians gawking at the sight.

"(It) looks like they're just strolling back and forth enjoying their time. Look at that!" said a man watching the geese from across the street.

Tim Bozon to return to the ice after battle with meningitis

A Western Hockey League (WHL) player who spent four weeks in a Saskatoon hospital with a rare form of meningitis will return to competition this month.

Tim Bozon, 20, had to be rushed to Royal University Hospital after his Kootenay Ice beat the Saskatoon Blades on March 1. He spent part of his stay in a medically-induced coma to reduce the swelling around his brain while an outpouring of support came in from the WHL, its players, and its fans.

Expert says baby wildlife found alone best left as is

A baby bird outside its nest doesn't always mean its in distress, same goes for a fawn by a fence or a baby skunk by the brush.

"It's best to leave the animal where it is until you get some advice from someone who knows what they're doing," Megan Lawrence, director of rehabilitation at the Salthaven wildlife rehabilitation centre near Regina.

"A lot of parents will leave their babies for some period of time and then come back to take care of them. So when people find them they are alone, but not always are they injured or in distress."

Sask. to eastern Ukraine; couple separated by civil war

A Saskatchewan man who got married in the middle political chaos in Ukraine is still separated from his wife by an escalating civil war.

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