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Alcohol a factor in Sask. highway crash

RCMP have released new information about a collision that injured two people Thursday night on Highway 11 near Dundurn.

Police reported Friday that a 63-year-old man was driving a truck the wrong way in the southbound lane of the highway. He then collided with another truck being driven by a woman from the Hanley area.

The man's truck reportedly rolled into the ditch.  He had to be taken to hospital by STARS air ambulance with serious injuries.  The woman in the other vehicle was also transported to hospital.

Sombre mood at Regina Armouries for local army reservists

The mood is sombre at the Regina Armouries this week as members of the Regina Rifles Reserves mourn two soldiers killed in attacks on Canadian soil.

Two days before the shooting attack on Parliament Hill that killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo, Chief Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in Quebec when a driver with declared sympathies to Muslim extremists ran him down in a car. Another uniformed soldier was also hit by the car but he suffered minor injuries.

Police investigating series of attempts to lure kids

A Saskatoon elementary school has sent letters home with parents warning about a suspicious man after police received similar reports about attempts to lure children near parks and schools.
"The Saskatoon Police Service had indicated that a suspicious person has been seen near schools in a variety of areas of Saskatoon and has tried to lure students into his vehicle on a number of occasions," the note, sent from St. Edward School in the city's Hudson Bay Park area, reads.

Narcotics stolen from City Hospital

After a large amount of narcotics were stolen from City Hospital in Saskatoon, police are warning the public to keep an eye out for them.

Sask. Legion rep urges public to keep poppy traditions

Saskatchewan's Royal Canadian Legion is asking people to stick to tradition when it comes to poppies.

With the nation looking for ways to show support in the wake of the Ottawa shootings, some have proposed starting the tradition of wearing a poppy a week early this year.

Cherilyn Cooke, provincial executive director for the Legion's Saskatchewan branch, said they'd prefer if people wore them the same way they have been for almost 100 years: between the last Friday in October and November 11th.

Saskatoon police chief asks for more officers

Saskatoon's police chief is calling for more officers in the face of a rapidly growing city.

Sasaktoon Police Service (SPS) Chief Clive Weighill made his pitch as he presented a proposed budget at Thursday's meeting of the Sasaktoon Board of Police Commissioners.

"We're not a community anymore that isn't growing and we can be stangant and try to find a couple efficiencies and we'll all be fine. The world has changed. And as the city is growing at about a four per cent rate, it's hard for us to keep up," he said in remarks to media following the meeting.

Colombian exchange students sad to leave before snowfall

Many are hoping the fall forecast stays warm but a group of Colombian exchange students in Saskatoon is hoping to see snow.

With the group returning home Saturday and no sign of flurries in the forecast, St. Angela School Principal Tony Bairos arranged for the students to play hockey and have a snowball fight with the ice the zamboni removed from the rink.

Five of the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools exchange students shared their disappointment Thursday after hearing about the blizzards in Canada.

Partial solar eclipse visible in Saskatoon Thursday

People in Saskatoon will be able to see a partial solar eclipse Thursday afternoon.

The moon will start to block the sun around 2:45 p.m. and hit its peak of 72 per cent coverage around 4:13 p.m.

Because it is too dangerous to look at the eclipse without proper solar filters, the University of Saskatchewan campus observatory will be open from 2:45-4:15 p.m. for people to drop in and view the eclipse.

Hales' defence calls for psych evaluation in Saskatoon murder trial

Douglas Hales was back in Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench as his trial for first-degree murder in the death of Daleen Bosse continued.

102 snakes discovered in home near Regina

Call it a sneaking, slithering surprise for people living in one home by Regina.

The Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was called in to help remove what was believed to be a few garter snakes from cracks in the floors and walls. However, it turned out to be much more.

A total of 102 serpents were found.

“It’s very common for garter snakes to hibernate in such numbers. It’s just not that common in people’s houses,” said the centre’s Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation Megan Lawrence.

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