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Citronella bug spray banned by Health Canada

As of 2015, Canadians won't be able to buy mosquito sprays made with citronella oil because there's not enough data to prove the oil is safe when used in bug repellent, according to Health Canada.

The federal department is pulling the product from Canadian store shelves by the end of December after launching a review in 2004. 

City buys up old, used buses to assist with route cancellations

A shortage of journeyman mechanics alongside an aging fleet means the City of Saskatoon won’t have enough buses for full transit services for about three more weeks.

“This problem will be significant this week,” said Jeff Jorgenson, general manager of transportation and utilities.  “We’re doing everything we can to address this as quickly as we can – we’re hopeful that by the third week of September we’ll have the vast majority of routes back in service.”

Homeschooling year kicks off in Saskatoon

Tuesday marked the first day back to class for many Saskatoon students, but some kids haven't really stopped going to school.

"Homeschooling definitely continues all the time. It's all day long, all summer long," Jessica Benson said.

Jessica and Greg Benson have been homeschooling their kids for seven years and watched learning come naturally.

Celebrity hack highlights iCloud security

The recent celebrity phone hack has highlighted a service that some people didn’t even know they have.

Hackers managed to download nude or personal photos from about 100 stars after they breached one or more personal celebrity iCloud accounts.

“You know, a lot of people probably don’t even realize they have it on,” said Scott Bryanton, who works in the cell phone industry. “They can opt in to turn on their iCloud in the initial set-up. A lot of people just click ‘yes’ and they forget about it.”

New back to school party after LB5Q cancelled

Organizers have come up with a replacement for a popular back to school party that was cancelled this year.
Little Buddy Big Buddy BBQ (LB5Q) is an annual tradition put on by the Edwards Business Students' Society (EBSS) in September. The event attracts thousands of students who hop on buses to an undisclosed location to enjoy food, drinks and music.

Memorial honours Sask. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

A memorial for soldiers killed in Afghanistan arrived in Regina Tuesday as family and comrades of the fallen gathered for a dedication.

“I have to say that here today was more emotional than I thought it was going to be,” said Patty Braun, mother of Cpl. David Braun who was killed in 2006. “I don’t know. The things that I think are going to be easy aren’t. And the things I think are going to be hard aren’t. But I’m so glad that the people of Saskatchewan are going to be able to see this memorial.”

Regina considers raising transit rates

Regina transit riders could be paying a bit more to ride the city's buses soon as City Council looks at raising fares.
On Himpe, Don and Sam Maciag Tuesday morning, Mayor Michael Fougere explained a committee with council is recommending fares rise by 25 cents.
"Costs go up and costs have to be paid for, either by the user or the general tax base, and the strategy is to have that increase this year."
Currently the cash fare for an adult on Regina's buses is $2.50.

Regina woman waiting on ice dam claims from February 2013

After being kept out of her home for nearly a year due to severe damage, one Regina woman says her house insurance is working against her, instead of for her.

"It's been so awful. We pay insurance to protect ourselves and our families. We've been paying for 11 years and never had to use it,” said Michelle Ducie. "At this point our house is in the worst possible condition besides being burnt down, which would probably be easier."

It all started in February 2013 when a massive ice dam formed on Ducie’s house.

Textbooks to technology: inside the changing classroom

Elementary students and teachers are back in the school this week and while some things don't change, typical school supplies in the classroom have come a long way from simple pencils and notebooks.

Grade 7 and 8 teacher Matthew Bresciani says students are bringing their own electronic devices, like phones and schools are providing tablets as well.

"You could use the devices to create videos, songs using a garage band app on some of the iPads we have in our system. The students can access most of our textbooks in the elementary schools online as well."

Community comes together to help ailing Saskatoon single mom

Donna Lee Aasen has not had an easy life but now she is receiving a community's worth of support and help to tackle her largest challenge yet.

Raised by her grandparents and supporting her mother who struggled with addiction, by 26 years old, Aasen was a single mother of two young boys, one with a disability. Then life threw her another curveball.

"About a month ago, I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. It came up out of nowhere," she said.

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