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'We got a life sentence' says Saskatoon family of teen crash victim

Standing in her son’s bedroom, Marilou Haughey sifts through hangers of his clothing—the same clothing she gravitates towards when she needs to feel close to him.
“When I’m really really lost and I just don’t know what to do, I go downstairs and get his clothes, his laundry (is) still there. I hug them and smell them, because that’s my last connection to him,” she said.

Saskatoon enjoys rare December warmth

Whether it was to run errands or just to have some fun, warm weather in Sasktoon had many people taking a rare opportunity to ditch their toques and head outside.

With temperatures peaking around 6 C, the city didn't quite crack the record of 7 C, but, between wrangling her dog and her toddler at the Avalon Dog Park, Kayla Schaan said the last few days have meant plenty of chances to get out.

"It's awesome. We're here at the dog park every day.  Me and the dog and the baby."

No more zigzag driving near water treatment plant

Kelly Galley is relieved that traffic won’t be zipping past her house like it has for the last two years.

She lives on Avenue I between 11th Street and 12th Street, which has served as a temporary detour since the water treatment plant's reservoir expansion project began March 2012. Giant cement blocks on Avenue H forced traffic west onto 12th Street.

The Galley family moved into their home without knowing about the project. Galley enjoyed the quiet street when her daughter Sabrina was a toddler but a few months after the move, the detour was in place.

Geminid meteor shower to light up Sask. sky

If you look up at the sky this weekend, you might see a free light show.

The annual Geminid meteor shower is set to hit on Saturday night, and onlookers should be treated to an amazing spectacle.

“We should see a fantastic meteor shower that will produce about 120 meteors per hour,” said Gary Boyle, known as the ‘Backyard Astronomer’ and also a teacher of astronomy at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

Santa visits Regina mall to hear Christmas wishes

Before taking a trip around the world the night before Christmas, Santa Claus is stopping by Southland Mall in Regina. 
Kids are lining up to speak with the man in red himself and they're telling him what's at the top of their wish list.
"Video games," said nine-year-old Cache.
"I want a tent and a mermaid Monster High doll," said five-year-old Brook.
This year, Santa is hearing lots of requests for Lego, anything from the movie Frozen, and one little girl even asked for a unicorn.

Season's-greetings debate: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

It’s a topic that resurfaces each year around this time and one that draws passionate and sometimes heated debate: is it Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

“Christ is the reason for the season,” said Elaine, who called into News Talk Radio from Spring Valley.

“It’s Christ-mas and I just can’t understand these contortions.”

She was just one of many who weighed in on the discussion. Several people texted into News Talk as well at 306-306.

“Why should we change the way it use to be," said Scott in Regina in favour of Merry Christmas.

PHOTOS: Saskatoon Habs' fans pay tribute to Jean Beliveau

Saskatoon's Montreal Canadiens fans let Harold Latrace arena fill in for the Montreal Forum as they paid their respects to one of the team's all-time greats.

The Western Canadian Montreal Canadiens Fan Club set up a shrine to Beliveau in their dressing room, including dozens of signed items and other memorabilia for fans to take a look at. 

The items belong to club president Jim Taman.

SaskTel to start forwarding warnings to downloaders

If SaskTel gets notice that you're illegally downloading movies or TV shows, they'll be forwarding a warning to you.

Starting Jan.1, internet service providers (ISP) are required by law in Canada's new Copyright Modernization Act to forward letters from copyright owners. That means if SaskTel gets notice you're downloading stolen content, they'll pass that notice along.

"It is the customer's responsibility to take action as directed in the email," explained SaskTel spokesperson Michelle Englot.

Still no cause for Prud'homme gas fire, damage upped to $11 million

October's natural gas fire at the TransGas storage facility near Prud'homme caused $11 million in damage as it lit up the night sky and forced 13 people from their homes for the better part of a week.

Saskatoon city council approves 5.34 per cent tax bump

After 14 hours of budget deliberations spanning three days, Saskatoon city council whittled the property tax increase from 7.3 down to 5.34 per cent.
The increase means the city is asking for an extra $83 base on an average-home assessed at $325,000.

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