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Three teens arrested in Saskatoon for allegedly breaking into garage

Three teens are in handcuffs after allegedly breaking in to a garage on Saskatoon's east side Tuesday morning. It happened around 4:30 a.m. on Laycock Crescent in the Stonebridge area. Police say three suspects were seen rummaging through vehicles in the area, and then gained entry to the garage. The Saskatoon Police Service is reminding people to make sure their vehicles are always locked, and to avoid leaving money and electronics inside.

NFL's Odell Beckham Jr. hopes "greatest catch of all time" one of many

His one-handed snag of the football as he landed in the end zone for a touchdown is being called the "greatest catch of all time", but rookie Odell Beckham Jr. hopes it's the beginning of a string of amazing catches in his career in the NFL.

Some say the New York Giant may become known as the best to ever play in the league.

Here's a look at the catch football fans are still gawking over.


Before/after demo

Somber start to International AIDS conference

The 20th International AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia officially kicked off Sunday, with some sadness as attendees took note of the hole created by the deaths of researchers and advocates with the downing of Malaysian Air flight MH17.
“I do see a few empty chairs, one over there. And there. A few empty chairs, which were supposed to be occupied by six of our friends who lost their lives last Thursday,” Lambert Grijns, Dutch ambassador for sexual health and HIV rights, said.

TIMELINE: 298 killed as Malaysia passenger jet shot down

On Thursday a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet crashed in eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.

Ukrainian government officials said the plane had been shot down by a missile and blamed the attack on pro-Russian separatists. Later in the day, American intelligence authorities confirmed that they also believe the plane was shot down by a ground to air missile.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird explains Russian sanctions

Canada is joining with other western powers in slapping sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine and Crimea.

The sanctions being imposing include travel and economic penalties against seven Russian officials and three Ukranian officials that are seen to have played a part in the annexation of Crimea. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said they're going to make sure it's not "business as usual."

Ukrainian future hard to predict: Russian studies expert

With all eyes are on the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine, analysts are saying it's difficult to predict what the outcome of the conflict will be.

Robert Ortung is an analyst with the Institute For European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies at George Washington University in Virginia. Appearing on News Talk Radio's John Gormley Live Tuesday, Ortung said Russian president Vladimir Putin's actions are emotional and irrational.

Russia delivers ultimatum to Ukraine, threatens "military storm"

A state-run news agency in Russia is reporting that the country's military has issued an ultimatum to Ukraine, threatening a "military storm" will strike if Crimea isn't surrendered by the end of today.

CNN is reporting that Interfax, Russia's state media, is quoting a Russian military commander who is threatening to flex Russia's might if Ukraine doesn't walk away from the contested region.

Canada’s Morrison wins bronze in 1,500-metre long-track speed skating

Canadian speed skater Denny Morrison has won a bronze medal in the men’s 1,500 metres at the Sochi Olympics.

It’s the Fort St. John, B.C., native’s second medal of the Games after he won silver in the 1,000.

Morrison finished in one minute 45.22 seconds while Poland’s Zbigniew Brodka won gold in 1:45.006. Koen Verweij of the Netherlands missed the silver by a hair, finishing in 1:45.009.

Both medals were a surprise for Morrison, who wasn’t expected to contend for the podium in the individual events.

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