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Southern Sask. stuck with cold temperatures

Saskatchewan will be stuck with colder temperatures for the next week, according to Environment Canada's lead meteorologist.

Dan Fulton says the prairies are caught in an unsettled system that will keep Saskatchewan in the deep freeze, at least in the short term.

"Winds are coming out of the Artic, as you can probably tell from the temperatures, and we're getting little systems rippling down," Fulton explained Monday morning.

The system will also bring a couple of centimetres of snow every couple of days.

Children's mental health: how a Sask. mother nearly lost her son

It's the heaviest 70 pounds Jenna has ever lifted.

"I went up to go check on him and he was crawling onto his bed. I saw his neck and it just was slow motion, turned and looked at the closet and saw the noose,” said Jenna. His neck was red from the rope.

Her 10-year-old son had been in trouble at school that day and Jenna had ordered him to write lines in his room. “I will not be disruptive,” read the lines. Little did Jenna know, her son had a plan. He had grabbed a coil of rope from the garage in preparation.

Woman from Sask. creates sports app for kids

A woman from Saskatchewan has created a way for sports and technology to come together for kids.

Janice Taylor is the CEO of Just Be Friends, a social platform that connects families and communities. She has created an app for children ages six to 14, where they can connect with their favorite sports teams while getting involved where they live.

"I've made this youth-engagement app where kids will basically earn badges and points for doing things in real life," said Taylor.

UPDATE: 2 dead after collision in northern Saskatchewan

Bad weather and road conditions are to blame for two deaths on Saskatchewan highways.

On Friday night Beauval RCMP attended the scene of a fatal collision south of Beauval on Highway 155.

Police said a car appeared to lose control while travelling northbound on the highway. The car swerved into oncoming traffic and was hit by an SUV that was trying to pass another vehicle in the southbound lane.

A 50-year-old man driving the car and a 39-year-old woman that was in the car were pronounced dead at the scene.

Prince Albert Raiders part ways with controversial mascot

After just one home game as the Raiders mascot, Boston Raider’s days could already be over.

The Raiders announced in a statement before Friday’s game that "there will not be at a team mascot at their Western Hockey League home games until further notice."

The announcement comes just one game into Boston's career with the Raiders, as he cheered on the team  on Nov. 14, the Raiders’ last home game.

Lost babies: 7 cases in Saskatchewan

Police are investigating the discovery of baby boy’s body in a backyard in Regina. Details of that case are still being gathered.

It's not the first time a child has been left behind in Saskatchewan. In other cases, some of the children were found safe, some were dead while others were never located.

As for the parents, a variety of circumstances and situations were revealed in these cases.

1. 2007- Prince Albert baby born in Wal-Mart

VIDEO: Kerry Joseph ready for chapter after Riders

Kerry Joseph didn't get the fairy-tale ending he was looking for by returning to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Now, the soon-to-be retired quarterback is ready for the next chapter in his story.

Joseph's looking forward to giving back to the game that gave him so much.

"I know I'm going to take some time when I get home and sit down with my wife and talk to her about it. I just look at it as this game has been good to me," said Joseph.

"I've been around some great players in the locker rooms and I feel I have so much more to give back to the game."

UPDATE: Snowfall warnings issued in Sask.: Environment Canada

Anyone with travel plans in Saskatchewan this weekend might want to keep an eye on the forecast.
Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for parts of central Saskatchewan Saturday morning, following a special weather statement.

"We've got another low pressure system - an Alberta clipper developing and it's going to track across southern Saskatchewan," meterologist Jason Knight said.

Colliding with wildlife still an issue for Saskatchewan drivers

Even with the populations of some wildlife down due to brutal winters, Saskatchewan drivers are still colliding with animals, such as deer and moose, on the road.

The number of collisions with moose is up slightly this year over last year.  As of Oct. 31, there were a total of 417 SGI claims for collisions with moose. A year ago, at this time, that number sat at 409 claims.

Claims for collisions with deer are down about 1,300 from last year. That number is comparable to other years, according to Darrell Crabbe of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF).

Sask. Ag startup pitches at national event

A 27-year-old product of Foam Lake is out to tip the grain trading business on its head.

Brennan Turner said growing up in a farming family, he came to realize producers often find themselves chained to the phone when it comes time to line up buyers for their grain.

"You have to make a lot of phone calls. The opportunity cost, basically, the time, the energy you have to spend trying to find that better price. Or you could use a broker which is potentially going to cut into some of the margins," he said.

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