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First 24-hour period without freezing temps. in 6 months

It’s the first 24-hour period in over six months the temperature will not drop below freezing in Saskatchewan.

However you may want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts because snow is in the forecast for later this week.

“Thursday temperatures will drop to where you might get 12 degrees below normal and all the white stuff. It won’t be cherry blossoms that you are seeing, it will be the white stuff,” David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada said on John Gormley Live.

3 teens in Moose Jaw punched, kicked by man carrying machete

Three teenagers in Moose Jaw had a big scare and a few bruises to show for it on Friday when they came face to face with a man and his machete.

Police in Moose Jaw say it happened just before midnight on the 110 block of Hochelaga Street, a residential area in the west part of the city. The three 17-year-old boys were on the street when they were approached by the man carrying a machete. He didn't use the machete on them, but did punch and kick the three. Police said their injuries weren't serious or long-lasting.

Healthy eating becoming costly in Saskatchewan: report

A new report by the Saskatchewan Food Costing Task Group shows that it is getting a lot more expensive to have a healthy diet in the province.

The Cost of Healthy Eating in Saskatchewan 2012 report was released at the start of April using the National Nutritious Food Basket as a benchmark to collect food cost data across the province. The food basket is comprised of 67 basic healthy foods and does not include any cleaning or personal care items that usually are also on a family's grocery bill.

Children's Hospital Foundation pleased with plan revisions

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan(CHF) is pleased with the provincial government’s decision to revise the hospital’s blueprints.

The government confirmed Thursday that the hospital will be expanded to cope with faster-than-expected provincial growth rate.

Internet security company preaches web safety following Heartbleed bug

Some internet users may be feeling apprehensive about what information to use online following the Heartbleed bug case, which saw 900 people's SIN information compromised through the Canada Revenue Agency website.

But one internet security website is urging people to take back the internet, while being cautious.

Mark Nunnikhoven is the vice president of cloud & emerging technologies with the company Trend Micro. He said it's a good thing that people are comfortable with sharing information online - as long as it’s the right information.

Saskatchewan man brings hockey equipment to India

People call hockey Canada’s game. But some people in northern India might be able to lay that claim in the coming years.

“What you see of hockey pictures in Canada, you know, a hundred years ago—everyone’s really crowded around an outdoor ice surface, that’s what it is up there now,” said hockey enthusiast Andrew Wahba.

Wahba found out that people in India played hockey about five years ago when a friend of his came back from a trip. His friend mentioned that people there in the Himalayas needed hockey equipment.

New citizens react to receiving Canadian citizenship in Regina

Bahaneh Rahnamah could barely contain her joy as she proudly accepted her Canadian citizenship certificate and shook hands with Premier Brad Wall at the Legislature this week.

Alongside her husband Majid Nesehi and their son Armand, they were among 47 immigrants who swore an oath to the Queen and the country of Canada. She said she tried very hard not to cry or hug the judge and the politicians who were there because she was so happy to become a Canadian citizen.

“Every day I wake up and I am thanking God that I am living here,” she said.

Police seize 'quantity' of drugs from Yorkton home

Three men and a lot of drugs are in police custody following a home raid in Yorkton on Thursday.

Yorkton Municipal GIS, Yorkton Municipal RCMP, Yorkton Provincial GIS, and Yorkton Police Dog Services executed a search warrant and raided the Yorkton home where they found "a quantity" of marijuana, resin, mushrooms, money and stolen cigarettes.

Three men from Yorkton were arrested and face numerous possession and trafficking charges.

Police continue to investigate and more charges are pending.

Farmer rescues stuck bus near Canora

It was almost a typical Saskatchewan scene on Friday night after a Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus got stuck on a snowy, icy highway near Canora.

The bus was heading east from Saskatoon on Highway 5. By about 9:45 p.m. it was only a few kilometres outside of Canora when it hit a patch of ice on a curve.

“The driver was travelling at low speeds going around a curve,” said STC chief operating officer Dean Madsen. “Simply, what happened was the back end of the bus was sliding into the ditch and got stuck there.”

Late season snow storm wreaks havoc on Central Sask. roads

A snow storm that tracked through Central Saskatchewan on Friday made for some treacherous driving conditions throughout the province, even causing an STC bus to skid off the road near Canora.

RCMP in Canora reported late Friday evening that a bus had skidded sideways on Highway 5 just west of Canora, blocking both lanes of traffic. They worked for hours to move the bus, but traffic was shut down for a number of hours before they could clear the highway.

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