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Well lets start with how the Green and White game ended.

Head Coach Chris Jones was not impressed, and that may putting it lightly. He started his talk with the media by saying the performance he saw in the scrimmage made him want to throw-up.

Sloppy was another word Jones used to describe both the offense and the defense and with Saturday being the first chance to compete in a true game-like situation made it even worse.


For Part 2 of the Riders training camp preview here is a break down on the defense and special teams as they head into camp on Sunday

DEFENSIVE LINE (* denotes Canadian)
STILL HERE – Dylan Ainsworth*, Rory Connop*, Tim Agbaje*, Markus White, Levi Steinhauer*
IN – Shawn Lemon, Justin Capicciotti*, Caesar Rayford, Hasan Hazime*, Eric Norwood, Corvey Irvin, Jonathan Williams
OUT – John Chick (HAM), Tearrius George,...

To get you set for Roughriders Training Camp that begins on Sunday, here is Part 1 of my preview and the battles to watch and who to watch in Saskatoon.


STILL HERE: Darian Durant, Brett Smith

IN: B.J. Coleman, Armanti Edwards (WR)

OUT: Keith Price (B.C.), Blake Sims

Darian Durant is the number one guy. Head Coach Chris Jones has talked glowingly of his quarterback, making countless comparisons...

First blush at the Roughriders draft certainly isn't the best, but isn't the worst of the nine CFL teams.

The Riders came in with 31 Canadians on their roster, with seven starting positions that had decent, if not very good depth behind them.

That allowed the Riders to push to try to hit a home run trade with the first overall pick or settle with #1 and take their lumps by not picking in the second round in a deep draft.


The Riders schedule is pretty decent for the fans with the starting game on Thursday night on Canada Day Eve against Toronto at Mosaic Stadium.

Some will critique the bye week for week one but Chris Jones says there are blessings and curses with any bye week and the positive is you can rest up the players who get those nagging pulls, strains etc during a harsh training camp.

The Riders start is similar to last year with three of...

I think of The Beatles ‘Hello, Goodbye’ hit when it comes to analyzing Rider Nation after the last few weeks.

‘You say goodbye, I say Hello’ pretty much sums up where every one will fit.

Those who say goodbye will dwell on those dearly departed; Weston Dressler, John Chick, Ryan Smith, Tyron Brackenridge, Weldon Brown, Anthony Allen etc.

Those saying hello are excited to see what Chris Jones has brought it; Justin...


THE GOOD – No question the Denver defense was the best part of Super Bowl 50. Von Miller and Demarcus Ware were unbelievable rushing Cam Newton and made it a hard night for the NFL MVP. The first sack/strip of Newton was remarkable as Miller and the Broncos defense, to use a tired cliché, ‘wanted it more’.

Peyton Manning has the potential to walk away a champion. For me that is a great way to go for a quarterback...

WIDEMAN CONCUSSION: The Calgary Flames need to be punished, although the lax concussion protocol in the NHL is as much on the league as it is the individual teams. The league is looking into whether or not the Flames went through the proper steps to determine if Dennis Wideman should have been put back on the ice.

This all came to be because part of the Flames and Wideman's defense in his hearing for why he would hit linesman Don...


This weekend’s NHL All-Star game went perfect, showing that the fourth liners in the NHL are pretty damn good hockey players as John Scott’s All-Star experience flew in the face of those who thought it would be funny to see him play, believing it would be a flop and those you thought it would embarrass the NHL.

All it did was prove the above two groups wrong. John Scott can play a little hockey as well. You don’t...

If you’re looking for honour, football is not the place to find it.

Words like loyalty, honour, right, and morals have come up since the release of Weston Dressler and John Chick.

In an interview with John Chick, yesterday, he said ‘we hoped the Roughriders would have done the honourable thing’ he would later add he hoped ‘the right thing happens’ in terms of sticking to deal Chick signed with former General Manager Brendan...


I will start by saying these decisions will all come down to money. Chris Jones has proven with renegotiating deals and cutting big salaries, he isn’t in the business of paying outrageous money to land free agents. This regime will build through the draft and negotiation list and free agent camps. But Jones did sign Pat Watkins and some other FAs during his time in...

Darian Durant is betting on himself in 2016.

The quarterback and his new boss Chris Jones started negotiations on a restructured deal shortly after Jones got the job as Head Coach/General Manager/VP of Football Operations.

Jones traveled the nearly three hours via car to meet with his number one pivot face to face and Durant knew it was coming.

Durant admitted during a teleconference that his three year extension he...

The John Scott saga has concluded with the NHL doing the right thing and letting things be.

Scott will be the captain of the Pacific Division All-Stars, despite now being in the Atlantic Division with the Montreal Canadiens.

Thus ends a weekend of speculation about the league and the Coyotes trying to convince Scott to give up his spot for someone ‘more deserving’.

The fans put Scott there and he should play, plus I’m in...


Don’t confuse financial and business decisions with being better on the football field.

The Riders made a money decision by electing to cut John Chick and Weston Dressler, who were due some pretty hefty bonuses last Friday and make $500,000 combined in 2016.

Do they think they will find ‘better’ players than Chick and Dressler. No. But they feel good enough that they will find comparable players, or have...


Another fan base is mourning the loss of their team.

St. Louis is out the Rams. Stan Kroenke, a Missouri born billionaire, is getting his wish to move to Los Angeles, which after all was home to Rams football a lot longer than St. Louis was.

But the fight wasn’t fair at all. St. Louis did all they could to keep their team, did all that was asked and still, Kroenke and the NFL knew they could...


Gary Bettman came to Calgary and couldn’t leave soon enough in the eyes of the Mayor. Bettman was there to address the Chamber of Commerce, which is always pro business and always about helping out business make more money. Nothing wrong with that but it’s a different story when it comes to the multi-million (nearly 1-billion) dollar CalgaryNEXT project.

Bettman even stated on Sportsnet that this is about ‘...

The Saskatchewan Roughriders gave Rider Nation something to chew on early in the New Year as they trade a 6th and 7th round pick to the Ottawa Redblacks for receiver Maurice Price and a 6th round pick.

Essentially it’s Maurice Price for the Riders 6th round pick (45th overall) as the other two picks are the 52nd and 54th picks overall.

What the Riders get is receiver who comes with the upside of a big play, deep threat, who...

NFL Wild Card Weekend is here!

Will any body in the NFC be able to beat Seattle is the question I have found myself asking after they trampled all over the Arizona Cardinals in the season finale, signalling they’re on the rise at the right time to try and claim their third straight NFL Title.

I know you’re probably thinking if I forgot about the Carolina Panthers. No I didn’t. I think the Panthers are one of those teams that may...


Sidney Crosby should always be at the NHL All-Star game. No ifs, ands or buts about it!

I don’t care about how many point he does or does not have, it should just be a given that one of the big faces of the game will be on the ice for the all-star showcase in the middle of the season.

Although the All-Star game is meaningless and a ‘joke’ in many hockey traditionalists eyes, it is an event that...

Happy New Year, Sports fans!

Now that Finland has won the gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships, we look at 50 story lines to look forward to over the next 12 months. We'll review on our year end shows at the end of the year


What do we get from the Chris Jones Saskatchewan Roughriders - certainly it will be more than three wins, but how much more?

Darian Durant says he'll be better than ever...