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Himpe, Don & Sam Macaig

With : John Himpe, Don Saxon & Sam Maciag
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Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - April 1, 2015


The RCMP has filed new documents in court alleging Pamela Wallin submitted 21 travel expense claims to the Senate. The latest allegations are out in documents seeking a court order to compel B-MO Nesbitt Burns, Bell Media and the University of Guelph to produce all documentation related to Wallin's expenses. Lufthansa previously said that the company was not aware of anything that could have driven the co-pilot to crash the Airbus A320. It has now emerged, as part of the airline's internal research, that Lubitz had sent information about his depressive episode to the Lufthansa flight school in Bremen, when he resumed training after an interruption of several months. Reports say a cell phone video shows the nightmarish final seconds of Germanwings Flight 9525, but a police spokesman said the accounts were "completely wrong." We bring you today’s Celebrity Birthdays, and if it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday! When server Andrea Mottu was required to wear a bikini top for a Hawaiian-themed event at the Vancouver nightclub where she worked, her boss didn’t expect her to show up in a turtleneck. Mottu won a human rights complaint after the tribunal ruled the nightclub she worked at had vastly different dress standards for males and females. Do you think its right to have to dress sexy for work? And we bring you some of our favorite April Fool’s Day jokes!


On April 1, 2015, new federal government rules will set the stage for the largest set of deportations in Canada's history. An estimated 70,000 temporary foreign workers whose contracts are expiring will either voluntarily leave Canada, be given deportation orders, or will continue living here without legal documents. This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by the Green Zone and Brennan Taman, as they talk about the upcoming rule changes to the CFL. We bring you more of our favorite April Fool’s Day pranks from the past. Another month and another book to announce for Sam’s Book Club – we unveil this month’s book. Joni Mitchell was in intensive care in a Los Angeles-area hospital on Tuesday, according to the Twitter account and website of the folk singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. It’s time for the good news with Tell Me Something Good! John Gormley joins in studio to talk on the hot topics of the morning and shares what’s coming up on his show.


News came down this morning that Saskatoon born Joni Mitchell is in a LA hospital this morning after being found unconscious in her home – she is awake now, no word on her condition. Sam and Himpe both took a walk to the closing Target wasteland currently sitting in the North Gate Mall, and share what they saw (or lack thereof) in the store. And the Senate Expense Scandal continues as Pamela Wallin has fabricated Senate business in order to get reimbursement for expenses that were actually personal and private, the RCMP allege in new court documents. The RCMP allege that Wallin submitted 21 travel expense claims to the Senate when she had actually been attending to personal matters in Toronto or to her duties as a member of corporate boards or as chancellor of the University of Guelph. The French prosecutor leading an investigation into the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 insisted Wednesday that he was not aware of any video footage from on board the plane. Cell phones have been collected at the site, he said, but added that they "hadn't been exploited yet." It’s the Day of Pink for Bullying Awareness, and finally, What I Learned on the Show Today!

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