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Himpe, Don & Sam Macaig

With : John Himpe, Don Saxon & Sam Maciag
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Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - January 30, 2015


Good Morning! A Seattle-based medical marijuana retailer is anticipating Seahawks fans will want a "super bowl" for Sunday's big game. That's why employees at Solstice are working to roll a staggering number of joints - 12,000. Canada's broadcast regulator plans to ban Canadian TV channels from blacking out U.S. Super Bowl ads in favour of Canadian ones, starting with the big game in early 2017. We bring you today’s Celebrity Birthdays! We let you know about all types of bets you can make surrounding this year’s Super Bowl, including how many times Katy Perry makes a comment about deflated balls. Saskatchewan's online survey closes today - the one that lets you have your say on liquor sales. The province asks if you want to keep things the same, expand how things are now, or go to a private system.


CKOM’s Wray Morrison joins Sam and John to chat Super Bowl predictions, and the outlandish bets you can place. For the second time in three nights, the New England Patriots were awoken in their hotel by a false fire alarm. On Tuesday, the alarm sounded at 1:30 a.m. for approximately 10 minutes. The city of Seattle is making preparations for a parade to honor the Seahawks, regardless of whether they win the Super Bowl or not. A spokesman in Mayor Ed Murray's office says several options are being discussed and planning is well underway. Details are expected to be released Sunday night following conclusion of the game. Mayor of Prince Albert, Greg Dionne made some very uncalled for comments during his state of the city address, we play you the audio. Murray Wood steps in studio and share’s his thoughts on the comments made by Prince Albert Mayor, Greg Dionne.


With more and more outcry growing over the missing Super Bowl commercials on Canadian televisions, the CRTC has decided to rule in favor of showing those commercials to you... starting in 2017. It might remind you of a bad comedy routine. Prince Albert mayor Greg Dionne took a cheap shot at the mayor of Saskatoon during his State of the City address. Sunday, you have your choice: Patriots versus Seahawks or kitties versus puppies in the battle of the bowls. CKOM’s Wray Morrison joins Sam and John to chat Super Bowl predictions, and the outlandish bets you can place. And finally, What I Learned on the Show: This Week Edition!

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