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Himpe, Don & Sam Macaig

With : John Himpe, Don Saxon & Sam Maciag
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Show Notes

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - December 18, 2014

Big Breakfast Question of the Morning: What is your favorite Christmas song?


There are bunches of “first world” shortages right now and has us wondering what can you live without in the morning? We are also feeling rather festive and our Big Breakfast Question of the Morning: What is your favorite Christmas song? Jacques Chapdelaine will be the new offensive coordinator for the Riders and last night right off the hop on the Green Zone, Rider Nation had a meltdown. We go over today’s Celebrity Birthdays. Sony has announced they are pulling The Interview and have no plans of releasing it to the public any time soon. We take your texts on the Big Breakfast Question of the Morning. US President Barack Obama has hailed a "new chapter" in US relations with Cuba, announcing moves to normalise diplomatic and economic ties.


We go over your texts to 306-306 on the Big Breakfast Question of the Morning and continue playing your favorite Christmas songs. This morning’s Talk Shots is brought to you by the Green Zone. Golf may be in its off-season but, Bubba Watson is keeping busy. In his first musical venture since Watson dresses up like Santa Claus, and he's not just doing this for attention. He's actually making some Christmases extra bright. It’s time for Tell Me Something Good! John Gormley joins in studio and shares what’s coming up on his show and the man who brought you Clifford the Big Red Dog passed away on December 12th at the age of 86.


North Korea has been identified as the hackers behind the Sony leak, but Sony has still decided to pull the movie completely to avoid any attacks. We continue playing your favorite Christmas songs as your send in your texts to 306-306. A new chapter has been reached in the United States relationship with Cuba. Should Santa be put on a diet? We go over the effect the relationship between Cuba and the United States had on pop culture and What I Learned on the Show Today!

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