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Himpe, Don & Sam Macaig

With : John Himpe, Don Saxon & Sam Maciag
Call-in : 1-877-300-7275 | Weekdays - 5:30am to 8:30am

Show Notes

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - September 23, 2014

Big Breakfast Question of the Morning: How have you tried to fix things in a relationship so that you got yourself out of the dog?


Beautiful first day of Fall, we send out the Big Breakfast Question of the Morning, Celebrity Birthdays, Woodsy went golfing with Boss Sasquatch, the latest ISIS threat includes Canadians, and yours texts!


Have you ever just wanted to walk off the job? Talk Shots, your stories on the Big Breakfast Question: How did you get out of the Doghouse? Tell Me Something Good! Gormley joins in studio and more!


Your texts on the BB Question of the Morning, Mayor Fougere joins to talk about the changes to the Regina Transit System, we take you live to the White House, What I Learned on the Show Today!

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