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CJME Morning News - May 26, 2015


Disturbing news on Graham James this morning, The Mounties have laid more sex-related charges against James just weeks before his scheduled release for abusing retired NHL star Theoren Fleury and Todd Holt. If proven this will be victim number six. The City of Regina is asking you to conserve water because of a problem at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment plant. Back up wells are helping keep the supply up, the water is safe to drink. How many days until the CFL kickoff? 30. But there is more news out of Riderville this morning and we bring you the details. It’s time for today’s Celebrity Birthdays and if it’s your birthday – Happy Birthday! A wildfire raging in northeastern Alberta has shut down production at three oil sands projects as staff was evacuated as a precaution against the rapidly-spreading forest fire. Meanwhile is Saskatchewan, an increase in “fire starts” (224 fires) and warm dry conditions this spring are causing more anxiety in parts of the province as more areas are at extreme risk of fire. It is Cheap Tuesday at the box office so we let you know what’s hot to check out tonight!


Two young boys are without their mother and friends are reeling the loss of a great woman. Duran Redwood is charged with Regina’s fourth murder of the year was in court yesterday – Our Kevin Martel was there and joins us on the phone with the details. On the news of new charges of sexual abuse being laid against Graham James, Sheldon Kennedy joins us on the phone this morning to share his experiences and tell us how he feels about the most recent charges. We go over some of your texts to 306-306 on your reaction to the news that Graham James is facing more charges of sexual abuse. The Chicago Bears fired defensive end Ray McDonald on Monday after his arrest on domestic violence and child endangerment charges. The Bears had taken a chance on McDonald, who was released by the San Francisco 49ers last year amid allegations of sexual assault. That same year, McDonald was also arrested in a domestic violence case against his pregnant fiancée. It’s time for some good news with Tell Me Something Good! John Gormley joins in studio and we get his thoughts on Graham James this morning. And we update you on the severe weather in the States.


Mayor Michael Fougere joins in studio for his weekly visit and gives us a better look what the city is asking us to conserve water. We are joined on the phone by Theo Fleury who shares his thoughts on the recent charges laid against Graham James. The Convicted pedophile former junior hockey coach is facing more sex-related charges just weeks before his scheduled statutory release from prison. The Tory’s have released a less pungent attack ad against Justin Trudeau – the ad runs like a job application that is summed up with hair jokes and “I’m not saying no forever, just not right now”. 33 years old, found dead in her home on Sunday -- we now know more about Celeste Yawnee. Charges have been laid and our Kevin Martel has been covering the story. And finally, What I Learned on the Show Today!

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