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Himpe, Don & Sam Macaig

With : John Himpe, Don Saxon & Sam Maciag
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Show Notes

Himpe, Don & Sam Maciag - August 29, 2014



With the Labour Day long weekend upon us and we want to know how you plan on spending the weekend? Going to the Labour Day Classic at Mosaic? Or maybe you and the family will be heading to the lake for one more weekend of sunshine. Text the show!

Long days and restless nights for some fans are over Weston Dressler is back with the Riders. The deal was made official yesterday, and Weston took to the field to shape into CFL shape in hopes to play this Sunday against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Dressler took a moment to speak with the media yesterday and had some humbling things to say about returning to Rider Nation.

There were some new voices on the Green Zone’s Premiers Pick’s last night as Premier Brad Wall was in Prince Edward Island on business. Premier Robert Ghiz and Premier Darrell Pasloski gave their picks instead of Premier Wall, leaving Jamie Nye some hope to catch up in the standing.

Woodsy shares his Labour Day Classic story, and we take your texts to 306-306. What is your Labour Day Classic story?

The Mean Queen of Comedy Joan Rivers is in a medically induced coma this morning after going into cardiac arrest early yesterday evening. The 81-year-old was undergoing a minor procedure at the time and is currently in stable condition. Daughter Melissa thanks fan for the overwhelming support.


Belton Johnson from the Green Zone joins to share his thoughts and memories on playing in the Labour Day Classic. We get his take on this weekend’s game.

Jon Wilson from the Weather Centre joins to give us a sneak peak on what to expect weather wise on Game day. Tip: bring sun screen.

This morning’s Talk Shot is brought to you by the Sarah Mills Show and Riders President and CEO Jim Hopson on the round table. Hopson wasn’t alone in worrying whether Dressler would make it back in the Green and White. Getting to speak with Hopson was also a first for Don Saxon.

Himpe is going to attempt to pick an NFL Fantasy Football team this weekend for the first time.

Time for Tell Me Something Good! We normally bring you some feel good news stories, however right now we need some Good News for Woodsy, who has lost a key piece to his glasses in the studio... a screw.

John Gormley joins to share his plans for the long weekend.

We check in with Sam, who was at Katy Perry in Saskatoon last night.


Glen Suitor joins to talk about his days as a Rider playing in the Labour Day Classic, as well we get his thoughts on this weekend’s game and the news that Weston is back on the side of the good guys.

John Wilson gives us a preview at the weather on Game Day!

With the return of Dressler to the line-up and joining practice yesterday, we play you Keith McCulloch from CJOB in Winnipeg joins for some good old trash talk between Rider Nation and the lonely Blue Bomber fan.

Time for What I Learned on the Show Today!

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