CJME Morning Show - Show Notes for 2017-01-11

January 11, 2017

5:38 - Environment Canada updates us on the cold weather

5:48 - President Obama gave his farewell speech last night

5:58 - Celebrity Birthdays

6:08 - Jane Fonda was in Fort McMurray yesterday to protest oil

6:18 - We have a school bus update. Noro virus like symptoms level 1/3 of an Illinois high school

6:28 - A radio station in Wingham won $1 million... our Andrew Shepherd used to work there!

6:38 - Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos joins us to talk about mental health and the Ministry of Health donating funds to a mental health program

6:48 - Jim Aho heads up Waskimo and talks about bringing the event back to Regina

7:08 - We have the latest update on the cold weather from Environment Canada

7:18 - John Gormley is in for his daily visit

7:38 - Twylla West with the Regina Catholic School Board updates us on if the school buses run in this extreme cold

7:48 - Minister Jim Reiter updates us on the latest with the Health Care Region changes

7:58 - Andrew Shepherd used to work at a Wingham radio station. The same one that won $1 million!

8:08 - We get a weather update from Environment Canada

8:18 - Jim Aho with Waskimo talks about bringing the family event back to Regina after a decade away

8:28 - What I learned on the show today