CJME Morning Show - Show Notes for 2017-03-20

March 20, 2017

5:38 - Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry passed away at age 90 on Saturday. Woodsy got to tour New Mosaic Stadium and tells us all about it

5:48 - Sarah Mills has her annual story on Budget Shoes

5:58 - Celebrity Birthdays

6:08 - Buzz Elliot hosts the Jack 94.5 Oldies show on Sunday mornings and he joins us to talk about the legendary Chuck Berry

6:18 - Jake Reid, Senior Leader for Government Relations and Public Policy joins the show to discuss what a sugary drink tax would mean

6:38 - Both the Provincial and Federal budgets are released on Wednesday. Big week on Capitol Hill in the US

6:48 - Arielle Zerr previews the Pats playoff series against Calgary and tells us about the media tour of New Mosaic Stadium

6:58 - Chuck Berry has died at age 90

7:08 - Talk Star or Rock Star

7:18 - John Gormley is in for his daily visit

7:28 - Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey has been found

7:38 - Adam Hadwin has another good week on the PGA tour. Woodsy tells us all about New Mosaic Stadium

7:48 - Environment Minister Scott Moe joins us to talk about the Fishing and Hunting Licensing fees increasing

7:58 - Chuck Berry dead at the age of 90

8:08 - The players arrive today and CFL Week kicks off tomorrow! Max Rosenberg of the CFL tells us what's in store and how fans can interact with the players

8:18 - Sarah Mills loves her shoes! She has a story about the shoes we will see on Budget day

8:28 - What I learned on the show today