CJME Morning Show - Show Notes for 2017-05-19

May 19, 2017

5:38 - JT Marshall went to Pike Lake to find out what people do during the May Long weekend

5:48 - Wray Morrison gives us the latest sports update

5:58 - Celebrity Birthdays

6:08 - We have the latest on Donald Trump and the "witch hunt"

6:18 - Sarah Mills updates the latest on the STC Court case

6:28 - A girl is being sued by a guy in Texas for texting through a movie and ruining it

6:38 - Brett Buster is in to review the new Alien movie

6:48 - We talk about the weather you can expect during May Long weekend

6:58 - There is a plan to unite the right in Alberta to take down the NDP

7:08 - Jennifer Graham of the Canadian Press gives us an update from Meadow Lake and the La Loche shooting sentencing hearing

7:18 - Murray Wood is in for John Gormley

7:38 - Tyler Harnett of Mettle Performance Training Centre talks about this Sunday's Strongwoman competition

7:48 - Chris Cornell's death was a suicide. We have the latest

8:08 - Sarah Mills shares her story about squirrels

8:18 - JT Marshall has a feature on the May Long weekend

8:28 - What I learned on the show today