Saskatchewan Afternoon - Show Notes for 2017-05-19

May 19, 2017

1:07 - The Big Lead: More from the sentencing hearing for the shooter in La Loche.
1:15 - The Buzz with Daniella Ponticelli.
1:34 - Front Row Fridays with Tanner Z.
1:45 - Super fan for the Saskatchewan Rush "The Hulk".
2:07 - The Fastest 5: La Loche, sentencing procedure for a teen in Regina, Hannah Leflar case, Times Square car crash, a five year old saved his parents lives.
2:15 - The May long weekend is here!
2:34 - Kirton's Kuts: Student submitted a rap album at Harvard, 13 reasons why cast thanks fans.
2:45 - Jamie Nye is in for his daily chat.