Five PA organizations recieve huge donations

March 20, 2012 - 6:12pm

Gratitude was the name of the game today at the Northern Lights Casino.

Five organizations from across Prince Albert were honoured with generous donations from the SIGA monetary sponsorship. Richard Ahenakew, general manager of Northern Lights Casino said these organizations are all worthy causes that deserve recognition.

“Our hope is that with over $20,000 in donations to the five groups that are here today that we can get a good significant impact in the areas that they do a lot of good work in, and a lot of good support for the community that sometimes, unfortunately, that work in the sectors community that are forgotten,” Ahenakew said.

The five Prince Albert organizations to receive donations today included the West Flat Citizens Group Inc., Canadian Red Cross Society, Safe Shelter for Women, Indian Metis Friendship centre, and Share a Meal Food Bank.

Each of the local groups will put the money to specific programs in their organizations from food and healthy snack purchases, to anti-bullying rallies, and race relations.

“They work in areas … that we like to focus in on from our perspective on and areas that we feel need a little more than they’re getting,” Ahenakew said.

All of the organizations spoke of the specific needs of their organization and how they benefit Prince Albert in their own unique ways, but each expressed the same sentiment to SIGA—thank you.

“We’re very very happy and grateful,” said director of the Share a Meal Food Bank, Linda Fidler.

“I’m really excited and I really thank them to be able to work with them and create the capacity within our organization to be able to deliver better services to our community,” said Dawn Robins executive director for the West Flat Citizens Group Inc.

Before each organization received their cheque, Ahenakew said he hates getting recognition for the donations because it’s these organizations and people affiliated with them that work so hard for

Prince Albert. He went as far as to label them heroes.

“At the end of the day you look at these great ladies that are here with these organizations and I think that anything we can all do in the communities to support these ladies … (because) they’re the ones that deserve the true credit for all the work that they do."