Grey Cup 2013 comes with $1 million price tag for Regina

March 7, 2013 - 6:30am
Grey Cup 2013 Celebration in Rider Nation logo November 29 2012. Kevin Martel/CJME
Grey Cup 2013 Celebration in Rider Nation logo November 29 2012. Kevin Martel/CJME

It’s not necessarily cheap to host and put on the 101st Grey Cup game, festival and all the other activities that go along with it.

In fact, this event will cost the City of Regina a touch over $1 million, as the executive committee approved that on Wednesday.

In the recommendation, a total of $155,900 will be absorbed within existing budgets, while $865,100 will come out of the General Reserves Fund. However the city hopes the Saskatchewan Roughriders will recover “all, or a portion of, the total unfunded costs of $865,100 associated with this event”.

So what exactly does a million dollars look like when it comes to putting on the event?

“The lighting at the stadium if we did that, or the police or the fire protection, cordoning off the streets,” said the mayor on just some of things that go into that number.

The city is hoping, and expecting, that million dollar price tag to pay off in terms of what kind of economic activity will happen in Regina.

“Up to a $100 million dollars coming into the city over the Grey Cup period [and] festival for restaurants, entertainment and hotels,” Fougere explained.

Fougere said past Grey Cups the city has hosted have always resulted in a profit and he hopes to see a portion of whatever the total ends up being for this year.

“There are profits every Grey Cup and we are saying because we’re making an investment we are a partner, we’d like to participate and receive some of the profits from the Grey Cup,” Fougere said.

“So that will reduce our million dollars down to some level in the future, we’re not sure where that will be.”

Edited by CJME’s Adriana Christianson