Guns stolen in Regina found in Calgary

April 25, 2013 - 7:05pm
Wholesale Sports in Regina. Photo by CJME's Kevin Martel
Wholesale Sports in Regina. Photo by CJME's Kevin Martel

Several of the guns stolen from a Regina business almost a year and a half ago have been found in Calgary.

In December 2011, almost 50 handguns and rifles, along with ammunition, were stolen from Wholesale Sports in Regina’s east end. The total value of those weapons and ammo was about $40,000.

We’re just finding out now that three of the guns were found in Calgary in February 2012.

Regina Police Deputy Chief Bob Morin admitted they knew about the guns at that time, but were unable to release any information for fear it could have jeopardized what was an ongoing investigation.

However, when we spoke to Chief Troy Hagen in early July 2012; five months after the guns had been found, he confirmed no weapons had been recovered in this city or elsewhere.

When we asked Chief Hagen about the new information released Thursday, he said he couldn’t elaborate as he had not been briefed.

Deputy Chief Morin said Calgary Police’s investigation had concluded July 27, 2012.

“When their investigation was complete they advised us that they were OK if we were to release that information,” said Morin.

It was nearly nine months after that investigation finished that Regina Police notified the media. Morin said they should have updated the public sooner.

“Maybe we should have. And we’ll endeavour to ensure that we would release this type of information on a more timely basis.”

Calgary Police tell us 33-year-old David Crouse was charged with several weapons offences when the weapons were found in 2012. It’s not clear if Crouse was involved in the initial theft in this city.

Morin believed those weapons are currently the only ones that have been found.

 “To my knowledge those are the only three that have been recovered to date.”

Meanwhile, the manager of Wholesale Sports in Regina seemed surprised when told some of the guns had been recovered and admitted police did not keep him up-to-date with the investigation, as that’s handled on a corporate level.