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Lingerie Football League puts U.S. on backburner for Canada

Saskatchewan perception of league changing
Reported by Alex Docking
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The U.S. Lingerie Football League is going into hiatus, but league representatives say it’s not a sign of larger problems.

Earlier this year, teams were announced for Regina and Saskatoon. The Regina Rage and the Saskatoon Sirens are expected to begin playing this fall.

That expansion into Canada is why the U.S. teams are taking a break until spring, according to league spokesman Tyler DeHaven.

“The reason why we shifted the schedule until spring and summer schedule as opposed to a fall winter format is just because it gives us more time to focus on LFL Canada, which will kick off here shortly in August,” said DeHaven.

“It would have been hard to run both leagues at the same time.”

And they're not just looking at Canada. The league is also looking at expanding next year into Australia.

As for the reception the league has gotten in Saskatchewan, DeHaven says it's changing.

Earlier this month, the league sent out a news release accusing 'radicals,' 'bible-thumpers,' and 'biased media of attacking the new franchise before it gets off the ground.

But DeHaven says they have been getting improved support since the unofficial try-outs in Regina a couple of weeks ago.

“We do emphasize a lot on the athletics of the girls just because it is real football and they play really hard, so I think the perception has changed toward the positive, so I think it’s really good,” said DeHaven.

Formal try-outs for women willing to play football in skimpy outfits are set for the end of next week.

Edited by CJME's Karen Brownlee.