Mayor weighs in on recycling in Saskatoon

April 16, 2012 - 7:15am
Saskatoon City Hall. Fan Yee Suen/News Talk Radio
Saskatoon City Hall. Fan Yee Suen/News Talk Radio

With one of the city's most contentious issues on the agenda, there could be some heated moments at tonight's Saskatoon City Council meeting.

"I think in fairness to everyone, we need to see the whole picture, we need to see what is being offered by everyone," said Mayor Don Atchison.

Many expect that will happen tonight.

City administration is recommending the contract to be awarded to Loraas disposal. The company didn't have the lowest bid, but city administration said their bid was the best.

While there are many different opinions, first and foremost, Cosmo Industries should be looked after, Atchison said.

"These are special people in our community and we talked about recycling ... heavens, if we can't consider the quality of life of people in our community ... we need to have a second thought then," he said.

Tonight's meeting may bring further negotiations with Loraas over the terms of the contract, Atchison said.

"I think councillors need to know, and I think the Mayor needs to know, what are these negotiations all about. And if we need to have another meeting in camera, I think that's what we need to do, if they say they information is confidential. Perhaps that's where we need to go," Atchison said.

There's still no timeline as to when people in Saskatoon can expect to have their recycling picked up at their door. Once the program is up and running though, it will cost about $4 per household, per month. The expense shows up on monthly utility bills.

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