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Province extends coverage for insulin pumps to age 25

Reported by Chelsea Laskowski
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Out of all the prairie provinces Saskatchewan has the most cases of diabetes, and according to the Canadian Diabetes Association, those numbers are only going to get worse.

This year the province introduced coverage of insulin pumps for people under age 25.

“Having to provide for themselves the insulin pump is probably something they don’t need to be thinking about so that’s why we increased the age limit,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan told reporters Wednesday, as he went through a diabetes risk assessment.

Diabetes Association President Michael Cloutier says coverage for insulin pumps will help people manage the disease. 

 “They’re able to more consistently manage their insulin and their diabetes with a pump than they are with daily injections,” he explained.

Cloutier points out that the easier it is to manage, the less diabetes will cost in the long run.

“Hopefully one day all citizens in Saskatchewan who have a need for publicly funded insulin pumps will have access to that,” Cloutier said.

The cost of the medication is a fraction of the healthcare cost of diabetes. Heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure caused by bad management of the disease could be cut if people have ways to manage the illness well.

Edited by CJME’s Adriana Christianson