Roughriders coaching staff meet ahead of free agency

February 8, 2012 - 6:39pm
New Roughriders coaching staff meet at Mosaic ahead of free agency.
New Roughriders coaching staff meet at Mosaic ahead of free agency.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders coaches are together for the first time since they hired and they are already busy with plans for the next season.

Head coach Corey Chamblin said all the coaches have started daily meetings at Mosaic Stadium and so far he likes their work ethic.

“It’s a step by step process. I think right now with the guys coming in early I think they are approaching it well,” Chamblin said.

Defensive backs coach Barron Miles is also impressed with the work being done so far and the combination of coaches put together by Chamblin.

“It seems like we have been together for a while,” Miles said. “Everyone is getting along. It’s not going to always be that way but I think the personalities are a good mix right now.”

On the offensive side of the ball coordinator Bob Dyce is trying to establish an offense all his own and he is drawing on past experience as a positional coach. He has also learned a lot from coaches he has worked with including Ken Miller, Paul LaPolice, Doug Berry and Ron Lancaster.

“I think you take a little bit from each one of them and kind of add some things that make it your own,” Dyce explained.

The new quarterback coach Khari Jones said he is excited to work with Darian Durant.

“I will just be another set of eyes out there for him and try to raise him to new heights,” Jones said. “Especially to the Grey Cup, he has been there twice already and knows what it takes to get there.”

Chamblin expects to be very active with the start of free agency next week and he updated the status of Andy Fantuz’s contract.

“I think right now that every free agent is waiting until the fifteenth. They are going to wait to see what is out there,” Chamblin said.

He explained that if marquis players like Fantuz have not been signed yet they are planning to wait until the start of free agency before they sign with any team. Chamblin said the Riders will treat free agency more like a draft to be prepared for any scenario with or without Fantuz.

“We are ranking guys to say what can we get and we have plans on if this works or if this doesn’t work,” he said.

He echoed General Manager Brendan Taman’s comments that Fantuz will likely hit free agency and consider his options after that.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Adriana Christianson