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Enterprise Saskatchewan looks like failed experiment

No funding for them in provincial budget
Reported by Stephanie Froese
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It appears a provincial body over regional enterprise regions isn't working in the eyes of the Saskatchewan Party government.

The provincial budget out Wednesday included a $4 million pullout of funding for Enterprise Saskatchewan.

According to Paul Martin, News Talk Radio's Business Commentator, the change in funding  means going back to a system that was switched over more than a decade ago where regional authorities didn’t see much in provincial support.

“Now what we’re seeing is the enterprise department or enterprise Saskatchewan is not disappearing. Effectively the province is saying we’ll pull our money back and we’ll look at stuff that could be bigger picture and the local will be on their own,” said Martin.

“I think that’s probably going to leave some noses out of joint in the country side, people who have said ok we changed our lives to meet your system and now you’re abandoning the system and we have to go back to where we were.”

Martin said the budget suggests a winding down of the economic development association with the budget saving $4 million this year and $6.8 in 2013.

“I assume it’s a kind of phased out process, and we haven’t seen the real detail on that. But I think from a local enterprise region kind of approach, the general perception is that funding is going to stop and they’ll all be wound up, and we'll be going back to some old model that we had here before the enterprise regions came along.”

Martin said the cut is likely a surprise to many as Premier Brad Wall's Economic development background was expected to give economic developer's a provincial ear.