Transgender Awareness Week in PA

March 25, 2012 - 9:03am

March 25 to the 31 has been proclaimed Transgender Awareness Week in Prince Albert

On Sunday in honour of that proclamation The Prince Albert Q-Network, an organization that provides support, advocacy and education for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and two spirit people in Prince Albert will be hosting a film and forum at the PA Multicultural Centre.

Jennifer Lenny Brockman a member Q-network said the event is an opportunity for Prince Albert residents to learn more about the transgender and two-spirited community.

“When people think of the gay community they tend to think about gay lesbian, and bisexual people and transgender are not always acknowledged or recognized, so I think it’s important to have a week dedicated to awareness and education,” she said.

“The event is important to not only create education and awareness about two spirited people and about history and culture, but also to educate more about transgender.”

The event on Sunday will begin with the award winning documentary Two Spirits, a film about Fred Martinez a male bodied person with a feminine nature who became one of the youngest hate-crime victims at that time when he was brutally murdered at sixteen.

After the film there will also be an opportunity for those that attend to hear personal stories of local two-spirited people.