Young children caused house fire at Sturgeon Lake First Nation

April 10, 2012 - 11:17am Updated: April 10, 2012 - 1:09pm
Fire file photo from
Fire file photo from

A young family was left with only the clothes on their back following a weekend house fire at Sturgeon Lake First Nation.

Ashley Longjohn was home at the time cutting hair. She was living in the house with her boyfriend and her three kids.

"My son came running and said there are fireworks in the shed. I told my boyfriend I think there are kids playing in the shed again. I opened the back door to see and a big cloud of smoke came in," said Longjohn.

The family quickly scrambled out. With the exception of some clothes, they lost everything. The good news is that the house was insured so the family plans to rebuild.

RCMP said the fire was likely sparked by young children playing with a lighter. It began as a small grass fire, before moving to a nearby shed, and then the house.

"Due to the childrens' ages, 5,6 and 7, they cannot be charged," said Constable Troy Link. "It's a tragic accident. We will be speaking with the parents and trying to do some fire prevention stuff. It really comes to parenting and education."

There will also be a bingo fundraiser this weekend for the family at the Sturgeon Lake community hall. People can donate prizes.

"My son keeps asking for his bike. His bike was in the house so if someone could help donate a bike," said Longjohn.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Adriana Christianson