While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to focus on climate change at the first ministers meeting in Ottawa, the premiers want to talk health care.
Brad Wall is adamantly saying no to a carbon tax. With tens of thousands of signatures on a petition under his arm, the premier of Saskatchewan is in Ottawa Friday...
Thursday's high was only -19C. Weekend temperatures will only rise to as high as -24C, according to Environment Canada.
This toque-wearing, scarf donning, plug-in-the-car weather in Saskatchewan has some staying power.
A normal snowfall could result in high spring run-off in 2017.
The wet autumn months Saskatchewan experienced could result in higher run-off in the spring – especially if the province gets even an average amount of snow this...
Suspect connected with as many as 27 commercial break ins in Regina.
A man believed to be responsible for as many as 27 commercial break and enters in Regina is still at large.
Saskatchewan RCMP posted information related to Sheree Fertuck's disappearance on Dec. 8, 2016 in hopes of getting the public to come forward with more details.
One year later, police and family members are still trying to figure out what happened to Sheree Fertuck.
Emergency shelters are responding to the cold weather. At Souls Harbour Mission, the men's transition housing has been at full capacity for most of the year.
OTTAWA — The federal government says it is determined to have a national climate policy "framework" by the end of Friday's meeting with the premiers — even if...
Puck drops at 7 p.m. – don’t be late or you might miss the first goal and your time to toss the teddies!
It’s an honour usually only reserved for hats, but at the Brandt Centre Friday night people will be tossing teddies onto the ice for a good cause.
Tip of preserved tail section, showing carbon film at its surface exposure, and feathers arranged in keels down both sides of tail.
The tail of a feathered dinosaur was found perfectly preserved in amber and research was done on it at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM).
Massage therapist Mark Donlevy, 48, was charged following two separate allegations of inappropriate touching.
More charges could be coming against a massage therapist in Saskatoon.

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