Wray Morrison: Musical commissioner's chairs

April 12, 2017 - 3:25pm

Since 1967, the CFL has had fifteen commissioners. The average tenure for a CFL commissioner has been 3.3 years in the last half century.

Now, fans and media members are analyzing Jeffrey Orridge's time in the commissioner's chair.

I, like many others, had some concerns. His refusal to admit there was a link between football and brain disease was a head scratcher.

It was also odd to unveil a new logo hours before the Grey Cup game in 2015, only to have the officials come out with the old logos on their jerseys for the game itself.

Could that announcement not have been made in the off season?

His intentions were good, but mistakes were made. Orridge didn't seem to have a deep knowledge of the league when he took the job.

Some of this falls on the owners. The decision makers have to hire, then empower, the next commissioner.

That will be the only way to avoid mistakes and encourage stability and growth going forward.