Jamie Nye: Everything about Justin Cox makes me sick

April 20, 2017 - 7:49am

The Justin Cox news immediately made my stomach churn and then as the day went on my nausea got worse.

First, I never felt right that Cox was a Rider. It wasn't that he was charged with domestic violence before, it was that he was charged twice within one year.

The NFL's Kansas City Chiefs turfed him after his second charge.

Yet the Saskatchewan Roughriders thought he'd be a changed man less than a year later.

No, they just liked his football ability.

Now, he's charged with assaulting a woman here.

What really churned my stomach was the fact he'd tweet out that 'Clearly I never beat any one up. #facts' and then the support from teammates and fans.

What has he done to deserve anybody’s support in our community? This is the third time he's been charged with assaulting a woman.

That's a fact.

Why do people support football players over alleged victims?

If your daughter brought him home, what would you do? From what I saw yesterday, some might actually get an autograph.

And that truly makes me sick.